March 16, 2012
November 6, 2011

Animal Nutrition – Pet food and the corn and soy problem

September 13, 2011


In my profession I come across all kinds of health problems with dogs and cats.  Unfortunately, I find many plague our animal companions that could be avoided altogether if people only knew more about what they feed their animal family members – and more importantly, what they shouldn’t be feeding them. Not only is obesity […]

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Grasshopper Mystery Solved

June 28, 2011


Remember those little, black grasshoppers I wrote about a while back? Well, they have been growing and changing!  In the photo below you can see a little more of their distinct markings that include a single yellow stripe down their back, along with fine red lines that accent their head and front legs (not visible […]

Who dat Cat?

May 4, 2011


One of the greats…….Yodi.  Known to some as Yodi-pants or Miss Yodi or Yodi-odi-o.  She was a quiet, demure beauty, who preferred solitary contemplation in one of her many harmonious enclaves to socializing and playing frisky.  Today I got sad news of her passing.  So this first post of  “Who dat Cat” is in memory […]

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Animal Nutrition

April 8, 2011


Zen master Gorgie taking a moment to smell the flowers. Photo credit: Yeryeong Park. This is Gorgie. Your standard, short-haired, black cat. Unofficially, he has been voted the shiniest black cat in America. He was rescued and adopted when he was just a little kitten and he is now 12 years old.  He just celebrated […]

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Critters in the Hood

April 4, 2011


Which way should we go?…..Dude, I’m following you. Ok, I know these aren’t great photos, but just work with me on this.  I thought since this is the first “Critters in the Hood” we should start small – and small critters they are.  I stumbled across this little gathering of miniature grasshoppers while walking through […]