Critters in the Hood

Posted on April 4, 2011


Which way should we go?…..Dude, I’m following you.

Ok, I know these aren’t great photos, but just work with me on this.  I thought since this is the first “Critters in the Hood” we should start small – and small critters they are.  I stumbled across this little gathering of miniature grasshoppers while walking through a local park this week.  It appears as though they had just hatched from their grasshopper nest and were milling about on the side walk wondering what to do next.

Either a species of tiny grasshoppers or a group of freshly hatched babies. Are they a "herd" or a "gaggle"or a "school of grasshoppers" OR are they just having a party?

My photo only shows about 1/4 of what were there, and unfortunately is lacking in detail because my new cell phone camera does not have good zooming capabilities (I opted for the texting capabilities), so we have to make due with these sad, blurry images. I promise to improve upon this.  But, if I’m correct, I think these grasshoppers will grow up to be big, colorful, locust-type grasshoppers that will consume large amounts of plant matter.  Some people hate them, but I don’t.  I figure, we all have a place in this world, right.  Anyway, I think I’ll have to keep you posted on this because if they are who I think they are, they will be future “Critters in the Hood” only bigger and stronger…… stay posted.  And if you know anything about these guys, feel free to comment and educate us, just no hateful words about the critters please.