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Posted on April 8, 2011


Zen master Gorgie taking a moment to smell the flowers. Photo credit: Yeryeong Park.

This is Gorgie. Your standard, short-haired, black cat. Unofficially, he has been voted the shiniest black cat in America. He was rescued and adopted when he was just a little kitten and he is now 12 years old.  He just celebrated his birthday on April 5th, and that makes him an Aries cat.

He lives in Los Angeles with his human companion, Yeryeong, who feeds him a medley of interesting, creative, healthy and yummy food.  As you can see below, a typical morning breakfast is quite the feast!  Daily he eats raw food by Halshan (his favorite is turkey), topped with Celestial Pets supplement which includes bonemeal, vegetable powder (barley grass, kamut, carrot, parsley), trace minerals (ionic sea minerals) with alfalfa and kelp, vitamin C, bioflavonoids (from oranges, lemons, and grapefruit), organ and gland concentrates….now that’s a good supplement!

Breakfast time…..mmmm raw meat, green beans and melon too – holy cow!  Photo credit: Yeryeong Park

Gorgie indulges in a multitude of interesting food items, and one of his most favorite are steamed green beans!  He won’t eat just one – he wants a bowl full!!  And he’ll give you the stink eye if you even think of touching them.  Back off my beans!

With his stealth and masterful slight-of-claw maneuvers, Zen Master Gorgie has captured the illusive green bean. Photo credit: Yeryeong Park

Another favorite tasty tid-bit to note is his love of canned non-dairy, low fat whipped cream – major De-Lish!!  Some times it will even be topped with organic goat milk powder – for that extra special love.  Oh, and how about that melon…yep, he even eats exotic Korean melon.

Nutrition is the topic here, because diet is now known to be one of the root causes of disease and chronic health problems in our companion animals today.  Diseases like Diabetes is a national epidemic with humans as well as their companion cats and dogs. Veterinarians are even reporting it in pet birds now!  How?  Why?  Well the major source seems to be coming from unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup, sugar and chemical preservatives that are in many commercial pet foods and “semi-moist” treats.  Follow Gorgie’s lead and seek out real veggies, healthy meat choices and special tasty treats.  Also, make sure to provide variety for their health and food enjoyment.

Quick tips – for cats and dogs.

Fresh Veggies:  steamed green beans, boiled and shelled edamame (soy beans), steamed broccoli florets, raw or lightly steamed zuccini.  Mix in with their food if they don’t eat them separately.

Try fresh, wild Salmon instead of tuna – tuna oil depletes cats of Vitamin E and is known to have large amounts of heavy metal contaminants like mercury.  Tuna can also create very finicky-eating cats.

Cats are carnivores…..they must have meat.  Consider raw food – it has taurine (essential for cats), amino acids, iron, calcium, organ meats and more.  If not raw, make sure the wet food is of high quality.

Here are links to the raw food and supplement that I mentioned above.

Last but not least…Always read the list of ingredients in pet food before buying.  Stay away from food and treats that contains corn syrup, sugar and artificial ingredients like proplyene glycol (chemical used in anti-freeze), BHA, BHT – these are chemical preservatives that taste sweet but are damaging to the kidneys, wreck havoc on the metabolism and ultimately create disease…and nobody wants a disease!

Remember food isn’t just for eating – Food is life. Food is medicine. Food is love…and food should be enjoyed by everyone!

Now let’s go have a snack.……

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