Who dat Cat?

Posted on May 4, 2011


One of the greats…….Yodi.  Known to some as Yodi-pants or Miss Yodi or Yodi-odi-o.  She was a quiet, demure beauty, who preferred solitary contemplation in one of her many harmonious enclaves to socializing and playing frisky.  Today I got sad news of her passing.  So this first post of  “Who dat Cat” is in memory of Yodi – a great being of cat stature; in mind, body and spirit.

Yodi was rescued as a 3-month old kitten and lived to be 18 years old or close enough to it.  She lived her life in South Florida with her architect Dad and ceramic artist Mom.  Yodi was well taken care of but was also given her freedom to safely roam through her yard and nestle atop custom designed cat houses in amongst the trees.  She lived a charmed life.  Here are some of those moments.

BFF's - Yodi and Cookie in a secret meeting in their bamboo forest. "Hey Yodi, did I ever tell you about the time I was climbing Everest and had a vision?"

In their daily meetings, Yodi would receive updates from Cookie Monster on a variety of topics. Often they would have deep philosophical discussions and exchange mystical and spiritual insights, in addition to keeping each other updated on the local politics, they always found a moment to share a joke or two. Mostly, I think they just enjoyed being in each other’s company while taking in all the treasures each beautiful day had to offer.

Yodi in her back yard. One of her many great days spent amongst friends and neighbors of all kinds.

Yodi’s living environment included bamboo forests, mango tree huts, sea oats to cat-nap under along-side the water, shady grassy areas, water troughs with gold fish and lily pads, and a super-soft and warm futon to sleep safely with family at night time.  Some times if Yodi was perfectly nestled on the bed, her Dad would opt to sleep on the couch so as not to disturb her slumber…what love.

Must have water...one of her many watering holes.

Like all cats, Yodi, was a napper.  In the picture below, you can see her wonderful coat of oatmeal color and stripey, patterned legs.  I wish I had arms with cat stripes on them!  I think I see a little smile too, she must have been having a good dream.  Ahhhh contentment…..

Cat-nappin on her favorite blankie...with sun, moon and stars all around her.

She had many high-end design chairs to choose from, but this one was her favorite.  Sitting here she could see through most of the house and through the windows to outside while also being with her family. Some times it’s all about a great chair and that perfect spot with friends who love you.  We will miss you Yodi.  I hope you have found that perfect spot where ever you are. xoxoxox…….

A favorite spot for Yodi to sit and comfortably be with her family. Notice her beautiful blue eyes. Here she could take it all in, in style. What a beauty!

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